Prefects & Student Voice

2023/24 Update Coming Soon

We have a very active Student Voice committee and students who join us at John Port will have the chance to apply to be a prefect in Year 7. Our prefects work hard to support students in the academy, participate and organise charity events and work with our local community. They are our ambassadors for the academy and are respected. We have two Head Students who are in Year 13 as well as whole committee of prefects in each year group.  From September 2022, our Head Students are Jack Norbury and Lucille Morio-Floch.

Our Prefect community is now approaching 200 students who represent the high expectations and values of the academy. They constantly go out of their way to help shape the academy for the overall benefit of each and every student and their hard work on youth topics and mentoring is world class. We look forward to the next term and continuing our excellent work.

If you would like to see what being a prefect is all about, this might be useful to you: Student Voice Journey

Meet the Student Leadership Team 2022/23

Head Students – Jack N and Lucille M-F
As Head Students, we lead the Student Leadership here at John Port Spencer Academy and liaise between our vast student body and teachers, as well as representing our school externally. We’re also involved in working with many teams led by members of the student leadership team such as Charities, Mentoring, Sports & Inclusion, Sustainability & Environment, the Student Council and Diversity & Inclusion. It is our mission to capture the incredible skills and diversity within our student body, to take opportunities to make John Port Spencer Academy a school we are all happy in and proud of.

A rapidly advancing society gives us plenty of opportunity to act in social movements, for example combatting discrimination and climate change, and make John Port Spencer Academy an active role in making positive change. Reaching out to our local community, charities and showcasing our school is equally important and we’re really excited to get involved in activities in the local community such as the Etwall Well Dressing, and perhaps begin our own traditions!

John Port Spencer Academy is a place for everyone, and we want to continue this: our excellence is consistent through our STEM faculties, through to Humanities, Arts, English, Languages, PE and all other subjects on offer. We love seeing students take part extracurricular activities such as the senior maths challenge, sports days or summer reading challenges.

Head of Student Council/Deputy Head Student – Maggie W
My name is Maggie and I am the new Head of Student Council. I am currently studying Biology, Psychology and Sociology in sixth form. As head of Student Council, I will lead the prefects from years 7-12 and I aim to improve Student Council next year making it more inclusive, and making all students feel they are represented and have a voice amongst our school community.

Head of Mentoring – Sanjna V
Hi, I’m Sanjna and I am the new Head of Mentoring. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography and really enjoy taking these A levels. As head of mentoring, my aim is the boost the wellbeing of students by creating a more positive environment in and out of school.

Head of Diversity – Emily W
Hi, my name is Emily and I am soon to be the Head of Diversity within the Academy. I am currently studying Biology and Health and Social Care. My aim within my role of Head of Diversity is to ensure that every individual in school feels as though they are just as important as everyone else and all of their needs are met. Along with this, I also intend to ensure that all possible resources are available to all students who need them to encourage an inclusive learning environment.

Charity Leads – Guneet D and Maisie L
My name Is Guneet and I am the Charities Lead as a part of the student leadership team. I am currently studying government and politics, business studies and sociology for my A-Levels. As a part of my role, I aim to raise awareness about different charities and the significance of different providers, whilst also organising charitable events by partnering with organisations. I value the importance of helping those that are less fortunate in society, and I am really looking forward to helping out!

Hi, I’m Maisie and I am studying biology, psychology and art. I am going to be one of the Charity Leads for the year 2022/23 and my aim for next year is to make sure everyone in the school has the opportunity to suggest charities that we can work with and raise money for and hopefully get the whole school feeling more included in the process.

Head of Sustainability and the Environment – David S-S
Hi, I am David and I am in year 12 at the moment. I am studying biology, chemistry and geography at A-level. My role in the leadership team is the sustainability and environment lead and my aim is to turn this school into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place.

Head of Sport and Enrichment – Maisie M and Beth W
I’m Maisie, one of the Sport and Enrichment leads. I study Biology, Sociology and geography in school and enjoy playing and watching football out of school. My role as a Sport and Enrichment lead is to encourage and inspire people to enjoy the physical and mental sides of sport. Myself and Beth are looking forward to working closely to bring sport to life at John Port Spencer Academy.

I’m Beth and I am currently studying chemistry, biology and maths. I am joint Head of Sport and Enrichment and I aim to get as many students involved in sport and leisure activities as possible. I have enjoyed sport inside and outside of school and I would like other students positive experiences I have had.