Year 11 Study Skills Evening

John Port Spencer Academy is holding a Year 11 Study Skills evening on Wednesday 6th February 2019 (4:30pm – 6:45pm).

‘Learning Performance’ will lead a parental workshop in Chatsworth Hall to inform parents about how to best support students with their revision at home in the lead up to the exams. The workshop will include tips and advice about how to prepare.

The workshop for parents of students in form J, O, H, N, P and R will begin at 4:30pm and finish at 5:30pm. The workshop for parents of students in form T, S, C, L, E and W will begin at 5:45pm and finish at 6:45pm. Additionally, we will have other classrooms open for parents and students to visit before, or after their workshop. These include:

  • the Exams Team, who will be handing out an exam advice booklet and have a range of examples of what you can and cannot take into the exams, as well as taking any questions about the exam period.
  • Student Support, who will be meeting with anyone who has any questions about access arrangements.
  • Subject teachers, who will be giving out revision advice, showing students and parents how to use tools such as GCSEPod, Hegarty and Kerboodle. Giving out intervention loyalty cards and ‘Make the Grade’ revision sheets, as well as other subject specific advice and guidance.
    the NCS (National Citizenship Service), who will be encouraging students to sign up for community based projects.
  • Mrs Randall and the Sixth Form Team, who will be answering any questions about the 6th form application process.
  • Mrs Lester and Student Services, who will be selling revision guides, resources and exam materials.
  • Mrs Coulson (Careers Coordinator), who will be doing a Q&A on apprenticeships, college and Sixth Form applications as well as answering any other questions you may have.

Finally, Mr Stephenson and the Camps International students will be running a refreshments stall in order to raise money for their trip as well as keeping everyone stocked up with tea, coffee and biscuits.

Mrs Kate Kniveton

Head of Year 11