World Book Day – 4th March 2021

With World Book Day on Thursday 4th March, we want all students to start thinking about books and reading. As we always promote in school, reading is power and something that children should enjoy whilst learning about the world around them.

On World Book Day, 4th March 2021, we will be encouraging students to read a range of different texts and take part in some fun activities.

Information about Word Book Day. Details will also be posted for students on google Classroom.

Design a national book token. It would be fantastic to see our students get involved in this and to showcase their artistic skills!

Virtual Bookshelf. Feel free to browse our virtual bookshelf.

When we return to school from the 8th March, we will be distributing the World Book day £1 book tokens but you can download a digital copy if you wish to. The tokens are valid until Sunday 28th March 2021. The digital book token can be found here:

We hope you enjoy World Book Day 2021!
The English Faculty