Waiting in the wings…

As the months dealing with social distancing march on we have all come across special events on our calendars that simply can’t take place in the way they have previously, however much we may like them to. For many of us anniversaries, holidays and festivals have had to be reimagined or cancelled for the time being. Most of us have now experienced the relative solitude of a lockdown birthday.

For many students and staff, today marks another such annual event that has had to be postponed for another year. Today should be the last night of the school show. We feel sad that this is not something we can do this year, but excited that we still have a talented and passionate school show community waiting in the wings for freer days to come. Some of these students and staff have come together to mark the where our final show should have been and you can find their musical tribute here:


With huge thanks to the students involved and to Mr Owen for putting the video together. In the words of Annie ‘the sun’ll come out tomorrow!’

Mrs Edwards

Director of Teaching and Learning for Drama