Update from Mrs Squire – 1st April 2021

We have reached the end of a very unusual Spring term and I am pleased to say it has been remarkably uneventful. Contrary to the press reports of students struggling to cope, the vast majority of students returned to us after lockdown as though nothing had happened! Those who have struggled have been fully supported by the Academy team.

Year 11 and Year 13 students will continue to be assessed during next term to give them every opportunity to achieve the grades they are capable of and require for the next steps in their journeys. There is information on the exams page of the academy website (http://www.johnport.derbyshire.sch.uk/examinations/) explaining the evidence that will be used to grade students and they will receive an up to date progress check in May.

We are launching a ‘Dressed for Success’ campaign when the students return after Easter. Students will be awarded positive achievement points and prizes when they are dressed appropriately. Further details are available on the school website (http://www.johnport.derbyshire.sch.uk/news/dressed-for-success/). We are aware that some parents have struggled to get uniform over the past term, but as shops reopen on 12th April, we do expect all students to wear full uniform and school shoes. Year 7 are not required to wear school shoes on their PE day, but all other students should be in school shoes every day. If you are struggling to buy uniform or shoes please contact your child’s Head of Year so we can arrange uniform for them.

We have been informed that contact tracing should continue for the next five days, so if your child gets a positive result on the lateral flow test, please arrange a PCR test and email the coronavirus email address (CoronaVirus@johnport.derbyshire.sch.uk) to enable us to contact other students to isolate.

The wearing of face masks in lessons is due for review by the Government over Easter. At this time they are still required, so unless the advice changes we will continue to wear masks in confined spaces next term.

I hope you and your families stay healthy and enjoy the Easter break and we look forward to welcoming the students back on Monday 19th April.

Kind regards

Karen Squire


John Port Spencer Academy