Ukrainian Refugees – how to apply for school places at John Port

John Port Spencer Academy welcomes applications for Ukrainian children to join our academy.

The advice received from the Department of Education (DFE) confirms that the children of Ukrainian families are covered by the School Admissions Code, and that these children should be treated in exactly the same way as all other children when applications for school places are made.

Applications for children in Years 7-11

For places in Years 7-11, please apply via Derbyshire County Council:

You can also apply by telephone on 01629 533190 from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and from 9:30am to 4pm on Saturdays. Alternatively, there is also a contact email address for the admissions and transport team:

Normally applications are made by individuals with parental responsibility for the child. A large number of the children will be accompanied by a parent or guardian who should be able to make their own applications with support. There will however be cases where the child is unaccompanied and, in these circumstances, applications should be accepted for these children from other individuals, for example, the child’s host or sponsor.

When completing the application, you will see a drop down box asking for the child’s previous/current school. Please leave this blank; or select John Port Spencer Academy if the form won’t allow you to continue without a selection.

Once the application for a school place at John Port Spencer Academy has been made via Derbyshire County Council, please send an email to with any additional details that will help to speed up the application process. These details must include the child’s name, date of birth, address of the host family, year group, date that the child is due to arrive in the UK (so that we can plan a start date), and adult contact details. Any other information, such as a copy of documentation showing a date of birth, details about the child’s level of spoken and written English and anything else that will help to support the application can also be sent to us at this point.

Current year groups and ages are listed below:

Year 7 – age 11-12 – date of birth between 01/09/2009 – 31/08/2010
Year 8 – age 12-13 – date of birth between 01/09/2008 – 31/08/2009
Year 9 – age 13-14 – date of birth between 01/09/2007 – 31/08/2008
Year 10 – age 14-15 – date of birth between 01/09/2006 – 31/08/2007
Year 11 – age 15-16 – date of birth between 01/09/2005 – 31/08/2006
Year 12 – age 16-17 – date of birth between 01/09/2004 – 31/08/2005
Year 13 – age 17-18 – date of birth between 01/09/2003 – 31/08/2004.

We are currently processing applications for children in Year 6, who join Year 7 in September. These can also be made via Derbyshire County Council in the same way as detailed above.

Sixth Form Applications

For places in Year 12 and Year 13 please apply using the 2021/22 application form here: Sixth Form Application Form 2022.

Further information about our courses can be found on our website If you require any information or guidance regarding the application process please contact

Students joining the Sixth Form would be required to start their post 16 courses from September 2022, although they will be welcome to join the school community when they arrive in agreement with the Head of Sixth Form.

Please note that applications for places in current Year 11 and Year 13 are unlikely to be granted due to the Year 11 and Year 13 students starting the exam period this month.