Spencer Superstars – Non-uniform Day – Friday 13th May

On Friday 13th May, we are having a Spencer Superstars day. This will be a non-uniform day to raise funds for the foundation. We are collecting cash payments in school so if your child wishes to donate please could they bring £1 with them on the day. £1 donations will be collected during form time.

We ask that students wearing non-uniform to the academy respect the following requests:

  • Students will still need to wear their lanyard, ID card and have their planner with them
  • This event is for one day only and students should not wear non-uniform items at any other time in school
  • We do not expect to see clothing which carries provocative or rude slogans and we still expect clothing to be ‘fit for purpose’ (i.e. not torn or too short)
  • All other school rules and expectations for good behaviour continue as normal. The school day will operate as normal. Therefore, students need to attend fully equipped and with a good work ethic.

The foundation has been set up by the Trust to support students who need financial assistance to enable them to reach their goals in and out of school. The grants are not means-tested so are available to all students.

Examples include :

  • Sporting; such as representing their county/country in a given sporting discipline
  • Artistic and creative; further opportunity for children with a passion for music, dance, drama, theatre and the visual arts
  • Science, Tech and discovery; specific pursuit of intellectual exploration or advancing the use of technology
  • Environment; making a contribution to environmental sustainability or corporate social responsibility
  • Providing some seed funding for former students (within 2 years of leaving a Spencer Academy) who are entrepreneurial in spirit and developing an ethical, small business or service.

This list is not exhaustive but provides examples where the funding raised for the Foundation could then, through a bidding process, be gifted to students for training and development, specialised equipment, travel and sustenance, to support them in their passions. Recipients will share a report or review (this could be written, on film, or through the arts) of their experience and how the Foundation has supported their pursuit. This will form a Foundation ‘e-journal’, which will promote and celebrate their achievements.

More information regarding applications for funding will be given in the near future.