Remembrance day and Children in Need 2020

On Wednesday 11th November there will be a two minute silence to mark Remembrance Day. Due to break time, this will be at 12noon instead of at 11am. The bells will sound at 12noon and again at 12.02pm to mark the beginning and end of the silence.

Friday 13th November is Children in Need 2020. Staff and students can wear non-uniform on Friday 13th November, but there will be no donations collected in school. We are unable to collect cash, so if you wish to donate please do so by using the Children In Need official donation page:

  • We ask that students wearing non-uniform to the academy respect the following requests:
  • Students will still need to wear their lanyard, ID card and have their planner with them
  • This event is for one day only and students should not wear non-uniform items at any other time in school
  • We do not expect to see clothing which carries provocative or rude slogans and we still expect clothing to be ‘fit for purpose’ (i.e. not torn or too short)
  • Students who have mock exams on non-uniform days must not wear clothing with text that has any reference to their mock exam
  • All other school rules and expectations for good behaviour continue as normal. The school day will operate as normal and therefore, students need to attend fully equipped and with a good work ethic.

Because students in Year 9 and Year 12 are not in the academy on Friday 13th November, they may wear non-uniform on Friday 20th November instead.