Principal’s Blog – 6th February 2020

The academy has been very busy since our return after Christmas. The Year 13 students have embarked on their mocks following weeks of university open days and interviews, UCAS applications and apprenticeship applications. We are very pleased to report that the students are now starting to get their offers from their universities of choice and to date, three students have offers from Oxford University.

The attendance at the Year 9 options evening was very impressive and the students have completed their option forms and will be interviewed during next week to confirm their choices. Sixth form interviews have also started so students will get their confirmed offers in the next few weeks.

The academy performance of ‘Legally Blonde’ takes place next week and I look forward to the watching this on Tuesday. We are also welcoming over 2oo students from our local primary schools who will be attending the dress rehearsal on Monday. Over 100 of our students have been involved in the performance – from lighting to the lead role!

You may be aware of the ‘fake’ news reported last week regarding John Port. The paper had made no effort in contacting us and used our name on a story reporting poor behaviour by young people in the evenings in a local village. There were no bullying or poor behaviour incidents by these students in the academy. We do not tolerate bullying at John Port. The student leaders and staff who work tirelessly to eradicate bullying were upset and disappointed that this was reported in a way to destroy the reputation of the academy and frighten students joining us in the future. It would be wonderful to see our local press supporting the good work of our students.

A ParentMail was sent this week requesting information to help us to make a display in the academy to celebrate the amazing talents of our students (past and present). I have requested that students bring in a photograph and a short paragraph showing how incredible they are. Examples would be having a piece of work published, playing a sport at county or national level, performing in a performance out of school, achieving a black belt in karate etc.

The students seemed rather reluctant to highlight their amazing achievements so I am asking for help from you, the parents and carers, to encourage them to share their success and encourage others to get involved. Please either send printed copies of the photos to me, or email them to

The students may have commented on the current site surveys at John Port. The surveys are being completed for some exciting building work and I will be sharing more information when this has gone through the planning process and diagrams are available.

The weather has been kind to us so far this winter, but next week is cooler so please encourage students to wear warm coats.

Karen Squire