Non-uniform day for Comic Relief (Friday 18th March)

On Friday 18th March we are holding a non-uniform day for Comic Relief 2022. We are collecting cash payments in school so if students wish to donate, they need to bring £1 with them on the day. £1 donations will be collected during form time.

We ask that students wearing non-uniform to the academy respect the following requests:

  • Students will still need to wear their lanyard, ID card and have their planner with them
  • This event is for one day only and students should not wear non-uniform items at any other time in school
  • We do not expect to see clothing which carries provocative or rude slogans and we still expect clothing to be ‘fit for purpose’ (i.e. not torn or too short)
  • Students who have mock exams on non-uniform days must not wear clothing with text that has any reference to their mock exam
  • All other school rules and expectations for good behaviour continue as normal. The school day will operate as normal. Therefore, students need to attend fully equipped and with a good work ethic.