No blazers (due to warm weather) and the last day of term

Blazers not required during the warm weather

With the weather heating up and the forecast for it to remain warm, students may leave their blazers at home for the rest of term. Lanyards should still be worn and shirts tucked in.

Last day of term – Tuesday 19th July
Tuesday 19th July is the last day of term and school will finish early at 2pm. School bus services will arrive early at 2pm to collect students who normally travel by bus.

If you are unable to collect your child or have no provision for them at home, please let the school office know by Wednesday 13th July so that provision can be arranged for your child to stay in school until 3.00pm. If your child does stay in school until 3.00pm however, please be aware that there will be no school bus transport available at the end of the day.