COVID-19 Update – 20th November 2020

It has been a very challenging week for all; thank you for your support and understanding. I would also like to thank all the parents who (despite Year 11 working at home) managed to acquire the ingredients and deliver the students to school to complete the Year 11 GCSE food exams this week. The students showed a high level of maturity and the food they produced was outstanding.

Due to the isolation period of COVID we will continue with the current plan for Monday to Wednesday next week with only Years 7 and 11 in school. If staff recover and return later in the week we hope to have Year 13 in from Thursday 26th November and return to full capacity on Monday 30th November.

If we are unable to return all students on Monday 30th November, it may be necessary to have Year 7 students working at home that week. Therefore I would ask parents to start planning childcare if this will be required.

We are required to have windows and doors open to prevent the spread of the virus. This means students may be in very cold rooms during the day. The heating is on in all areas, but as the temperature drops and students are sitting still, they may get cold. Students at John Port can wear their coats during lessons. Students can wear a plain navy or black jumper under their blazer during lessons and also a plain light coloured T-shirt under their school shirt.

Thank you for your correspondence regarding the parents evenings. Due to the staff absence we are moving the Year 13 parent consultation week to December to enable all staff to contact parents. Further details about parents evenings will follow soon.

Lets hope the infection rate in the area starts to drop soon and we can return to some sort of normality.

Kind regards

Karen Squire


John Port Spencer Academy