Accelerated Reader – New for Years 7 & 8

We are very pleased to inform you that we are now using Accelerated Reader to encourage, track and assess your child’s reading progress. Many of you may be familiar with this from your child’s primary school. Accelerated Reader is a reading scheme designed to create a culture of reading and to accelerate learning through reading. Every term each student takes a STAR test. This test looks at understanding, comprehension and vocabulary to determine a student’s reading level. The STAR test then generates a Reading Range. This is a range within which a student will be able to read, understand and be challenged in their reading.

Books have been analysed to find their book level. Students then pick a book that has a level within their reading range to read. Students are encouraged to do 30 minutes of reading a day, either in lesson time, form time and as homework. After finishing the book, the student takes a fun online quiz. This shows how well the student has read and understood the book. Staff monitor each student’s progress regularly to support them in their reading.

This Guide for Students will help you to get started.

Students in Year 7 and 8 can log on to Accelerated Reader to take their AR quizzes using their school username and password by clicking here.

Students can also search for books to use with Accelerated Reader:

For more information, here is a guide for parents/guardians about Accelerated ReaderGuide to Accelerate Reader.