During their Career Learning Journey at John Port Spencer Academy, students are entitled to receive:

  • Clear impartial advice and information about all of the options available, so that they understand what they involve
  • Support and guidance to help make choices and devise a career plan for the future
  • Regular personal support or information on how well they are doing
  • Help to decide what to do when they complete their course, including further learning, training or employment
  • A programme of careers education which helps them to develop skills and knowledge to make choices and the transition to work and learning
  • The opportunity to be involved in making decisions about things that effect their learning
  • An opportunity to set out an individual learning plan, and
  • An opportunity to learn about the world of work.

Careers Support

Careers support is delivered through the enrichment days, subjects across the school, themed events (e.g. Enterprise Days) access to a professionally qualified careers adviser and dedicated registration to specialist careers support services.

John Port Spencer Academy have been awarded the National Quality in Careers Standard ‘Career Mark Gold Award’ for CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) provision.

Careers Corner

We provide regular ‘Careers Corner’ newsletters for our students. Copies of these are available here:

Apprenticeship, careers and experience opportunities for students

Information about upcoming opportunities for students can be found here: Apprenticeship, careers and experience opportunities for students.

There are also further resources available from Amazing Apprenticeships as part of National Apprenticeship Week: https://amazingapprenticeships

Who to contact at John Port

  • Careers Lead – Mrs Rebecca Lowndes
  • Careers Advisor – Mrs Shirley Coulson


Thank you to for kindly donating resources to John Port Spencer Academy.