16-19 Tuition Fund

What is the funding?

The 16-19 tuition fund is a £96 million one-off fund for the 2020-21 academic year only. It is ring-fenced funding for schools, colleges and all other 16-19 providers to support small group tuition for 16-19 pupils in English, maths and other courses where learning has been disrupted (for example, vocational courses where assessment has been deferred because of lockdown). Although the actual tuition does not need to be for GCSE English or maths, the priority support should be for those pupils who had not achieved grade 5 or above in at least one of those subjects by age 16. All supported pupils must be on a 16-19 study programme and have had their learning disrupted in 2019-20 academic year from the coronavirus outbreak.

John Port Spencer Academy Sixth Form has been allocated £2597 for one-year to mitigate the disruption to learning arising from coronavirus (COVID-19).


The aim of the funding

The funding is being provided to support small group tuition for 16 to 19 students in English, maths, and other courses where learning has been disrupted. The funding should be used to support the tuition activity above and beyond the programmes of education already planned for 2021 to 2022.


Who will be able to access the funding?

The students supported all need to be those who had not achieved grade 4 or above in Maths and/or English at this level by age 16. All supported students must be on a 16 to 19 study programme. Funding will be used to prioritise support for students who have not achieved a grade 4 in English and/or maths, however, we can use it for those who did not achieve a 5 if there is surplus funding available. We will also ensure that the needs of any students who are eligible for this funding and who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are fully supported, particularly where they have experienced additional disruption to learning as a result of their specific needs and disabilities.


What are we using the funding for?

To provide students in years 12 and 13, who are eligible for this funding, to receive up to two hours of small group tuition per week (5 students in each session maximum). These sessions are being led by fully qualified and experienced subject specialists who currently work within the school. The sessions will be offered after-school in the relevant departments. We will look to provide disadvantaged students and students with any special educational needs and disabilities with the opportunity to receive small group tuition in subjects where we recognise they have experienced disruption as a result of their specific needs.


What are the costs?

Individual tuition sessions will be provided at £30 per session.


How many students will be accessing this funding?

We have received funding for five students with a disadvantage uplift in 2019/20 plus more potentially eligible through other statuses. The maths resit students will be provided with access to one weekly tuition session.  These sessions start from the Autumn Term onwards and take place after school.


How many sessions will be offered to each student?

Eligible students in year 12 and year 13 will have access to more than 50 extra sessions over the course of this academic year should they require it. The funding will be used to provide support or students that experienced additional disruption to learning in English, maths and other academic qualifications.


What is the intended outcome?

To improve the students grades in GCSE English and/or Maths and to provided effective support to limit the impact of disruption arising from coronavirus (COVID-19) on students Level 3 studies.